• Experience

    Book.wandu.cn – Beijing, China
    Social media marketing specialist

    • Managed and optimized Facebook advertising campaigns for e-novel apps in overseas markets, including Taiwan, US, UK and Canada. with a focus on driving installs, engagement, and revenue. 

      Example: Helped Wandu e-novel app reach and remain in the top 3 of the e-book section on Taiwan's app store for three months.

    • Utilized Facebook Ads Manager, Power Editor, and Business Manager to design, launch, and monitor campaigns.
    • Collaborated with app developers and designers to create high-performing ad creatives that resonated with the target audience.
    • Conducted ongoing A/B testing of ad copy, images, and targeting to improve campaign performance.
    • Analyzed campaign data and performance using Google Analytics, App Analytics, and Facebook Insights, and made data-driven decisions to optimize campaigns.
    • Communicated effectively with stakeholders, including app developers, product managers, and executives, to align on campaign objectives and ensure successful execution.

    Shykad.com – Beijing, China
    Social media marketing specialist

    • Managed Google UAC and Facebook advertising campaigns for app and Shopify businesses, focusing on increasing app installs and online sales in overseas markets including US, Canada, UK, AU, NZ, EU and AS. Example: In just one month, I helped TikTok achieve 1,146,432 new user installations, with a retention rate of 37% on iOS and 24% on Android.(see case study here)
    • Developed and implemented creative strategies to improve campaign performance and achieve key metrics such as ROI, CTR, and conversion rates.
    • Analyzed ongoing display campaigns and updated status reports regularly.
    • Collaborated with graphic designers to create new creative suites for advertising campaigns.
    • Generated monthly reports and demonstrated the analysis to clients to demonstrate campaign performance.
    • Worked with remote teams to drive results and meet client expectations.

    www.cohim.com – Beijing, China
    Marketing assistant

    • Promoted Cohim Fashion Buyer & Visual-Merchandising classes online through Chinese social media platforms like Sina and Baidu
    • Recruited and supported students online regarding Cohim classes
    • Assisted students with questions and provided information about the classes
    • Conducted market research and analysis to identify potential customers and promote the classes to them
    • Collaborated with other departments to create promotional materials and campaigns
    • Maintained and updated the school's website and social media presence
    • Participated in events and trade shows to promote the school and its programs

    Skills & Proficiencies

    Programs & Software


    • Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
    • WordPress
    • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom)
    • Google Analytics


    • Writing & copy editing
    • Personnel management
    • Manipulating WordPress themes
    • Outreach/PR
    • Business development & sales